Dominator's Comments On The History Channel's Show

The Dice Dominator on History Channel
by Dominator

The Dice Dominator on History Channel, June 13, 2005, was a fun show but it does have some fictions I’d like to handle before the show becomes controversial. First, I did not write the show or see the script before the show. In fact, the show was as new to me as to any other audience member.

It did a generally good job, Stanford Wong gave excellent commentary, but….

They show me shooting the dice from the end of the table when I was shooting with Sharpshooter. We don’t shoot from the end of the table – it’s too far away from the back wall. That is like pitching from second base.

The real originator of the casino-controlled throw was the Captain who is not even mentioned in the show although Frank and I did tell History Channel that the Captain is the one who should get the credit for dice control in the modern casino.

I was actually not a member of the low-stakes Rosebud team although I did play with them. I broke with Jerry Patterson for many reasons none of which had to do with how much money Rosebud bet at the tables. What they bet had nothing to do with me or my bets. You can read the full story in Frank Scoblete’s excellent book The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers are Winning Millions from the Casinos.

When Frank and I play together, Frank is usually on stick left one and I am on stick right one. The television show did not show this.

Frank and I, plus Bill Burton, Mr. Finesse and several other dice controllers started Golden Touch™, not just as a dice playing team but as a company that would teach dice control. Stanford Wong took our course. The show doesn’t mention this teaching aspect at all.

Now Frank was portrayed as somewhat loud and quite obnoxious in the television show. He is not that way at all. He is usually very quiet at the tables, except if he’s cheering a shooter. He has never even said anything to any stickman who has hassled us. He just leaves and goes to another casino. The script has him saying to the stickman, "You’re a dead man!" Let me tell you that might be something I would say if I got angry enough but Frank doesn’t talk like that. Frank just called me and said he thought they made him look like a criminal type.

Yes, there are other mistakes in the show (the hard 4 described as a easy 4; the odds of hitting a hard 10 are given as 30 to 1 – which is the payout, not the odds. The odds are 35 to 1).

Those are my first reactions to the show. Overall, it was fun, well written, but had some creative elements in it that were there for dramatic purposes. The scenes about the spectacular rolls are accurate, including the hitting of the 6 and the hard 10. Frank and I actually play more than 80 days a year, often more like 100-130 days a year.

I am sure the show will be repeated. It received good ratings from what I understand.