Organizing a Pro Craps Team

Organizing a Pro Craps Team

by Dominator

A leader needs to be voted in and his or her say is the final word on everything, including casino craps strategies. Aspects of team play can and should be discussed, for example what Come Out set is going to be used, how the betting is going to take place, etc., but the final decision is made by the team captain.

Team Captain’s responsibilities

  • Keeping track of the money
  • Deciding who is going to take up what position at the table when the team is in the casino shooting craps
  • Deciding when a particular team member should move out of the shooting position he is in so a different team member can shoot
  • Set up table craps practice sessions at home
  • When the final betting strategy is determined for the team, the team captain will make sure that strategy is not changed during the shoot
  1. A bankroll needs to be established with all team members contributing equally. Money now gets involved so make sure everything is written down so that there won’t be any misunderstandings.
  2. The shooter’s sole responsibility when he or she shoots is to make numbers and not worry about betting. The shooter will only bet the Pass Line and take odds. That is it! There shouldn’t be anything else on his mind except the task at hand, that is, hit numbers.
  3. The betting style has already been established. The important factor here is that no one on the team is betting the same numbers as the other members of the team for obvious reasons. Since this is team money that is being bet, we don’t want to have double exposure on a number at any point when shooting at the casino. If come bets are being used then the shooter knows that they can’t set for a 7 on the Come Out roll. A decision needs to be made by the team to work or not work the odds on the Come Out roll.
  4. If come betting is the strategy then each member of the team, except the shooter will have a Come Bet. There should not be more than four numbers bet at any one time for the initial part of the shoot. So if there are more members on the team some team members will not be betting. If a roll lasts for a while, then more numbers can be wagered until all numbers are covered.
  5. The amount that is wagered at any given session should be determined before reaching the craps table and should be a factor of the overall bankroll. Ten percent of the bankroll is a good percentage. Remember, not all sessions will be winning sessions.
  6. Determining when the money will be spilt is important. You might decide that the money should be split at the end of the day, win or lose, without any money left in the bankroll. Then the next time the team gets together to shoot a new bankroll is established. Or the team might decide that they will take just a portion of the win and leave the other portion in the bankroll so that the bankroll will grow. No strategy here is better than another.
  7. You must setup beforehand when the initial bets will be increased. You must decide at what point will you press the Place bets and when will you increase the odds on the Come bets. The team needs to also decide at what point the team should increase the number of bets on the table. A good rule of thumb is to use a factor of three. When the team has three times the money that they have on the table in their rack, then a press on the odds or Place bets would be justified. An example of this is if one bettor is placing the 6 for $30, then the 6 would not get a press until there is $105 dollars, ($35 win times three) in that bettor’s rack. Some betters will be pressing before others depending on the numbers that are hitting. These wins should be placed in the front portion of the rack so that the team captain can see and estimate the amount of money that has been won. When the team captain estimates that three times the outlay on the table is in the rack as profit, then the team captain, and only the team captain, will give a signal for another bet to be placed on the table. As you can see the team captain has a major responsibility here.
  8. Each team member should have the respect and confidence of each other. You don’t want to lose friends because you don’t like the way they handle themselves at the tables.

Frank and I have played on both types of teams, but the one that I enjoy the most is the table take-over team. When shared money becomes involved, unless all guidelines are established and adhered to, problems can grow and friendships can evaporate.


Dominator is the executive director of Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch™ Craps Dice Control seminars at and the co-author of The Golden Touch™ Craps Dice Control Revolution! For more information call 1-866-SET-DICE.