What do you think about team play and how would you set up a team to attack the casinos?

How To Organize for Team Play by Dominator

Question: What do you think about team play and how would you set up a team to attack the casinos?

Dominator: There are two ways to set up team play at the craps table. The first way is careful shooters get together and play at the same table but wins or loses are not shared. We call this type of team play table take-over. The second way is more detailed. It is when an actual team is established with a team bankroll and wins or loses are shared. We call this type of team play, pro-team play. I have played on both types of teams, as has Frank Scoblete and many of our GTC instructors.

There are similarities in both types of team play.

The main reason behind the strategy of team play is to have a better opportunity to win. With a lot of great hitters and dice shooters in a line-up it is easier to score runs. With a lot of good dice controllers at the table, it is more likely someone (or more) will get hot. It is a great feeling knowing that the table is loaded with careful shooters who have practiced their throws. You are therefore betting on the best.

Lets’ look at the similarities of both types of teams:

1. Everyone should be friends and be able to leave their egos at the door. The team is established to win. If someone is off in his dice shooting he will give his spot on the table to someone else. No egos here. Just like on a sports team, the ball, or in this case the dice, should be given to the person that is hot. Remember the word team isn’t spelled with the letter "I."

2. The best team has six shooters or more shooters where two shooters stand SL1 and SL2, two shooters stand SR1 and SR2, and two shooters stand at the hook protecting the landing zone of the shooters. They make sure that there aren’t any chips in the shooter’s landing zone on the table.

3. Each shooter takes two turns at his spot. If after two turns he sees that he is not on, he should move and have one of the shooters who is protecting the landing zone move into the shooting spot for a better chance of winning.

4. Each member of the team should know what each team member sets on their Come Out roll. If he sets for a 7 then Come bets are not a good idea.

5. Subtle coaching is acceptable at the table, but make it subtle. Any major flaws that a team member sees should be discussed away from the table. Remember, no egos in the team strategy!

Next Issue we’ll look at the differences in craps team play. These differences come into play for pro-team play. Here egos really need to be left at the door because money is usually divided up equally.

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