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How to be a Wrong-Way Dice Controller

How to be a Wrong-Way Dice Controller
by Dominator

Question: I hate playing the right side of a craps game. I am a confirmed Darkside Don’t Player. Give me a game plan to execute once I have a controlled throw.

Dominator: Sometimes you may want to bet on the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come when you have the dice – or, as in the questioner above, you are a committed Darkside player who hates the Right way of doing things. The Golden Touch players will sometimes do this. I can remember one time when Rock and Roller, Mr. Finesse, Sharpshooter, Frank and I were in Atlantic City playing at the Taj Mahal. We were all betting the Don’t because the table was a $100 minimum and we were trying to grind out steady $100 wins. So we were setting for the 7 after our point was established. Every time one of us sevened-out a loud cheer came from the table! People were watching behind us because of all the yelling and some were trying to squeeze onto the table. Then someone said, "What the heck are they yelling for? Every shooter is sevening out!" It was great fun.

There are certain sets that you should use to throw a 7 for certain point numbers. These 7 sets will be different than the Come-Out 7 set used by right players. So if you want to try shooting from the Darkside here is what you should do. First use the 2 V set as your set during the Come Out roll. This is because you want to try to establish as your point the 4 or 10 – the most difficult numbers to hit. Now if you don’t establish either of these numbers as your point, don’t worry, here are the sets that you can use with the other numbers to increase the likelihood of 7 showing with just a single pitch of the dice.

If your point is a 6 or 8 use the 6 half of 8 set. This is set has a six on the top left die with a three facing you, and the one on the top right die, with four facing you. Hence the name: 6 half 8.

Picture #71: Show "No 6-8"

Caption: The 6 Half 8 Set


If your point is a 5 or 9, use the 5 upside down 9 set. This is set has a five on the top left die with a one facing you, and the two on the top right die, with six facing you. Hence the name 5 upside down 9.

Picture #72: Show 5 upside down 9"

Caption: The 5 Upside Down 9 Set

If your point is a 4 or 10 use the 4 half of 10 set. This is set has a four on the top left die with a two facing you, and the three on the top right die, with five facing you. Hence the name 4 half of 10.

Picture #73: Show 4 half of 10 set

Caption: The 4 Half of 10 Set

Don’t or Darkside players are not in abundance in the dice control community but nevertheless it is possible to beat the house from this vantage point. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Dominic LoRiggio (Dominator) is the executive director of Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch Craps Dice Control seminars at and the co-author of The Golden Touch Craps Dice Control Revolution! For more information call 1-866-SET-DICE.


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