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Golden Touch Sports Testimonials

Read what our subscribers say about Dominator's amazing sports prediction service...

Yeah, buddy, that is 69 "lock" wins in a row! Early this evening I was talking to another Golden Touch dice controller and we both agreed that we have never seen anything like these "lock" picks. It is unheard of, and Dom says baseball is his best, even better than basketball!


Thank you, Dom. from Tommy

I am so happy this morning when I woke up! I hope that isn't a problem guys that I am posting again [on GTC private web site]. I have a lot of fun picking games too, but I always lost by the end of the season. Then I saw Dom's picks and played the ones on the site. WOW! I was winning so I signed up. Yesterday Dom sent out his daily picks to us. He didn't have a lock pick, but we won 9 units in his college basketball picks and we won 5 units on his NBA VIP / Whole Enchilada picks! Put any amount you want on the unit number and that is what I won yesterday!

These guys are terrific! They email how much to bet depending on your starting bankroll. It is so easy! Like taking candy from a baby. Now this is just my opinion, and I know that picking is fun, but winning is better and I would sign up with Dom and Bill! And you don't need to know anything about sports betting. They help you along the way!

from T-Time

THE "LOCK" PICK IS NOW 69-0. That is right, Dominator has not missed a pick. The greatest sports mind Ive ever met and the only way to make money. If you need some extra cash just get in on the picks. I have increased my sport 401G [a gambling account] by 24 percent. The best investment I ever made. from B-Man

Those lock bets have been amazing! I have won about 70 percent of my other bets, the VIP ones, too. from Sam L.

Winning on two sports in one night! Or would the better term be "bi-sportual"? Can't wait till we add baseball into the mix. See if Dom and Bill can pull off the Trifecta: go three for three on three sports in one night. Thanks for the winners, gents.

from Aaron F

If someone told me a year ago that I would be practicing dice rolls every day and betting on sports under the supervision of Dom and reading a Texas Holdem book written by a friend named Bill and practicing counting cards for black jack developed by a friend named Henry. I would have told them to lay off the mushrooms.

I am not a big sports fan (well if you put a football, a basketball, and a baseball on a table I could probably tell you which one was which as long as you did not mix them up too bad.) But it does not go a lot further than that. Now I am an expert winning sports bettor with Doms picks.......Go figure. It is definitely worth checking out. from D.L.

This [price] is more than reasonable. I just got the VIP / Whole Enchilada. This has been a hoot the last couple of weeks! With Dominator's extensive sports betting skills and Bill Burtons computer genius, how can we go wrong? Its a no brainer. from K. (retired baseball player)

This [VIP / Whole Enchilada] service is cheap. I've made more than what this cost me three times over already! from Barney

I took Dominator Sports VIP-Whole Enchilada package when it was offered and I am glad I did. Last night we got two picks, they both WON, and one of the picks was a hockey game. I loved this as I am a big hockey fan! The diversity of the Triad is really something. As I recall we have gotten some hockey picks in the past and I don't think we have lost one of those picks.

Triad, are we going to get more hockey picks?

I am using Dominator Sports as an added addition to my overall 401G account, but now with all these wins, I am thinking that this is a great way to supplement my overall income.

Keep up the good work! from T-Time

Long live the Whole Enchilada. Its a winning dish all right! from Steve

That is right, Dom said take San Antonio even without Ginobili and then go to the bank; directly to the bank, and collect. Yes, I know just another winner! from B. R.

Dominator is the only sports analyst that truly gives you a lock! He has not lost a basketball lock pick yet! That is right. He has not missed with the locks. They have won every time. How would you like to walk up to the craps table and make 18 straight passes? Well, that is what Dom has done with his locks. I live just outside of Vegas and this kind of streak is unheard of. He is a true expert. from Tom

Those locks have been locks all right. from D.D.

I have to tell you... When those games were going down yesterday, as much as I felt bad about losing them, I was feeling bad for you.  I know how personally you take this.  I've seen it in your e-mails and your postings.  You take it such to heart, like somehow you're personally responsible if someone misses a free throw and a game tanks. 

You treat our money like it was your kids' college fund. And as disappointed as we might feel about losing from time to time, I think you feel ten times worse.  (BTW, if you do get mad about any one of these games and decide to start punching things, make sure you don't use your dice-throwing hand.) 

This is one of the reasons I feel so enthused about getting my money down with you.  It's not just that youre talented at what you do and heaven knows you are it's that you care so much about it.  You are absolutely passionate about winning.  Not just for yourself but for us as well.  And it's that second part caring so much for your clients and their bankrolls that gives me the most confidence in betting with you.  So as much as you tell us not to feel bad, let me say to you don't you feel bad.  You know better than all of us this is a mere bump in the road.  "Momma said there'd be days like this."  And winning again will soothe all anxieties.

Okay... So much for the Valentine's card.  Now, are we going to get any more picks today? And if so where the hell are they? :) from Michael

I have used many services for many years. Some give you every game and some give you just a few. I found that the ones that limit their pick usually have a better win rate than the ones that give you every game.

Myself I always evaluate the services in this manner:

A bad day, more than a 2 unit loss (no big thing)
A bad week, more than 10 unit loss (once in awhile not a problem)
A bad month, any loss (more than once a year huge problem)

These are my own opinions and many people have there own way. Dom and Bill have given us all a great opportunity here. First, they are very good at picking games.

Second, most of us have had dealings with them on other services and products offered by GTC. So we must trust them to put out a good product. Otherwise we would not be here.

Third, they are giving us not only the LOCK PICKS we signed up for, but all other pick they have, which are also winning at a high rate. If you have been sitting on the side lines about using this service, now is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Thanks Dom and Bill for giving us this opportunity.

I love you guys! You can ask Dom. Not a day goes by that I don't thank him.

from Bill Z

You guys are working your tails off for our benefit. Along with selecting all of the winning locks, they successfully completed the website and email service that works together perfectly!

If you look up customer service or dedication in the dictionary, you will see their three smiling faces. Thanks again for all of the hard work that you do for us! But especially thank you for the growth in my 401G! from DP

Hi people, I just joined and his first play was a winner. Thanks Dom for helping me through it. from Paul L.

I have to say it the best money I ever invested. For any of you people out there that dont really follow basketball or hockey like myself. This is a no brainer. They tell you what to bet and how much based on you bankroll and you just collect. Now there are the video tutorials but when I started Dom walked me through my first bets on the phone. Thats right. He took his time to personally explain what to do and how to do it. Last night was another great night! Thank you Dom. from L.B.

Don't write a book on this and give away whatever the secret is for you to be able to pick so many winners. Never seen anything like this! from Thomas Tryon

The only sports wager that I ever played in the past was heads or tails during the Superbowl. Dom and Bill Burton have so many years experience in this arena that they are truly Sports Power Brokers! Jump in for another great GTC experience. It sure makes watching the games much more exciting! Some of these games are decided in the last 60 last nights OK/Lakers game! from Dice Pilot

If the other sports people knew what you guys could do they would offer you millions to work for them. Dominator picks the best. from Wagner

My cousin thought I was crazy to bet on the Knicks this last weekend. They've been losing a lot lately he says. Well they did lose that night (by one point I believe) but they covered the spread. And that is all that matters. Still a bargain at twice the price.

from Seven

I will tell those of you who don't already know this; Dominator is the man! He even took time to walk me through the web site and help me. I know he is busy but he still allowed me to call him direct! WOW!!! I want to be like Dom when I grow up. from DBR

Yep, if a newbie like me can win, you guys better jump on this train! Woo! Woo! I went heavier on "Lock" pick and lighter on others. I am UP five units on the first night! Thanks Dom and Bill. from Jeffrey

That's right. Dom was perfect today on all his picks! Ring the bell and is still perfect for the season with his locks. Best sports service I ever invested in. from Thomas

Just keep the service alive! It is VERY entertaining. You guys rock. from Martin H.

I'll tell you what "March Madness" is. It is not wanting to leave the house and your computer for fear of missing one of Dom and Bill's picks. I've started looking in to the price of Mac Books so I can stay connected to Golden Touch Sports Service wherever I go. We get some more nights like last night and I'm hoping it will pay for itself. Keep 'em coming, boys. from M.N.

Purdue sinks two free throws to put Ohio State down by 7. DGTSS (Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service) has got OSU at +6. There's 4.2 seconds to play. The game is over and everyone knows it including the players. They all relax letting the last seconds tick down. Ohio State player fires up a three point attempt at the buzzer and it swishes through. Dagger in the heart of anyone who bet on Purdue! Victory for DGTSS. And of course Dom and Bill knew it would happen all the time. It's right there in their computer program, don't you know.

[BTW, I saw Dom refer to a team by name in one of his previous posts. A non-lock game that had already been decided. So I assume it is okay to mention team names once the game is over as long as that team is not still an active part of a lock progression. If not, please let me know and I'll refrain in the future.] from slowhand

Thanks to the TRIAD of sports betting! from Brooklyn

I have only bet one other time on a sport, that was in the early 90's when I was in Vegas and bet on the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series. That was a win.

My bankroll has increased by 33 percent now that I am a member of Dominators Golden Touch Sports Service. This does include the bad time two to three weeks ago and some of the March Madness college games which I was only able to bet when I am at home. Today I only bet the first three (Villanova, Purdue and LSU), which gave me a 4 unit win. I was out with the family until late tonight and didnt get the other winners.

My wife also likes the fact that all the winnings are in $US, as the exchange rate of $1 US will give us $1.25 to $1.39 Canadian.

Keep up the good work. The results are fantastic.


I just registered for your football service, (Saturday evening), and already your results are absolutely astounding. Naturally, I checked Friday's MLB gazette, and, sure enough, you were 3 for 3. How in the world were you able to correctly predict the high "over" scores for Florida/Houston and New York/Pittsburgh? Incredible! I used to think that people bragged about you because of your close friendship. Well, no more; clearly, you are truly gifted and a bona fide national treasure. I am just grateful that you are willing to work with neophytes such as myself.




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