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More About Dominator's Golden Touch Sports

Dominator has been beating the Vegas sports books for over 20 years now and for the first time ever he is sharing his predictions with our privileged Golden Touch customers who subscribe to our services. With the help of best-selling author Bill "AceTen" Burton, Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service uses proprietary, copyrighted, advanced, and unique computer programs to aid in choosing which teams will bring you the money. Combined with Dominator's supreme sports knowledge, and AceTen's bet selection software, our picks will be the best picks you can get.

This service will not necessarily be making loads of picks each and every day; indeed, some days there will be no picks. If you are an action junkie, looking for the thrill of throwing away your money, then Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service is not for you. Our goal is to make you hammer the sports books, period.

We are not like other sports pick services. We will help you with money management and tell you the right percentage of your bankroll you should be betting. We have done it for years and we will show you how. You don't need any knowledge of sports. Actually if you keep it simple and bet the way Dominator tells you, you will win! We take personal pride in making all our subscribers the best they can be and winners!

How our service works:

Our betting services are organized into separate web publications we call gazettes. Each gazette covers a specific sport and/or set of games. Each gazette is further broken down into issues. The frequency of issues varies for each gazette... some gazettes may update every few days, others every few weeks. In some cases, the current issue of a gazette may also be updated, rather than a new issue published.

You can purchase subscriptions to our service. Each subscription includes one or more gazettes. A subscription may cover a complete season of a sport, in which case you pay a one-time fee for the complete season, and then the subscription expires. Other subscriptions may be offered on a renewal basis, such as monthly or annual automatic billing charged to your credit card. Renewal subscriptions may be on-going, or may end at the end of a sport's season. In either case, you are able to cancel the renewal subscription at any time.

UNIQUE! Instant e-mail notifications

We e-mail you whenever there are new predictions and picks! We've developed an advanced and fully automated sports prediction service that includes complete subscription processing and e-mail updates. When you purchase a subscription, you'll get e-mail notifications every time a gazette you've subscribed to is updated, or a new issue is available. We post updated picks and bets frequently, sometime within an hour of game time.

With our automated e-mail service, you'll be able to stay on top of the best bet predictions available.

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Articles on Sports Betting

If you don't know anything about Sports Prediction and handicapping, or just want to refine your skills, here's the place to start! Learn from the best, at Dominator's Sports.

Subscriber Testimonials

Click here to read what our subscribers say about Dominator's Sports Service. In this business, everything is about performance, so don't take our word for it: read what our customers say about Dominator's Sports.

Here's a random sample quote:

Dominator is the only sports analyst that truly gives you a lock! He has not lost a basketball lock pick yet! That is right. He has not missed with the locks. They have won every time. How would you like to walk up to the craps table and make 18 straight passes? Well, that is what Dom has done with his locks. I live just outside of Vegas and this kind of streak is unheard of. He is a true expert. from Tom

Those locks have been locks all right. from D.D.


All Sports Betting Should Be Done In Legal Gambling Institutions

Dominator's Sports Service does not condone illegal sports gambling of any kind. Void where prohibited. The viewer of this page should make their own inquiry into participating into the legality of any games or activities in which they participate. This site assumes no responsibility for the actions by, and makes no representation or endorsement of, any of these games and/or activities if they are illegal in the jurisdiction of the reader or client of this site. This site should be used for information and entertainment purposes only.

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