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World Casino Champions Crowned in Las Vegas!

By Frank Scoblete

August 14, 15 and 16 was a great weekend in Las Vegas for casino players interested in competing in 11 casino tournaments and taking a dozen classes given by such experts and best-selling writers as Henry Tamburin, Jerry "Stickman," Bill "Ace-10" Burton, Dominator, John "Skinny," and Billy "the Kid."

The World Casino Championships was a raging success with players coming in from Canada, Mexico, Australia as well as the United States.

The weekend was launched with a giant "Meet and Greet" party on Friday evening. I got to interview the woman who set the new World Record Craps roll of 154 number before sevening out. Pat DeMauro and her good friend John Capra (who was at the table doing the betting) gave us great information about the roll, how long it took, why it took over four hours and what kind of players were at the table and the types of bets players were making.

Since the table was so long (probably 16-feet) there were 18 players. Pat estimated that at least 10 of them were novices, including her. There were also three young women who had never played the game and were being instructed on what to do by the dealers.

Pat’s roll eclipsed the Captain’s former World Record roll of 147 numbers.

Pat also explained how the casino needed her permission to film her and write about her. Almost the first thing the casino did was have her sign a release form so they could get the word out to the media about this fabulous roll. Not being shy, Pat went with the publicity and now everyone knows about this great World Record roll. (You can read the full story of this remarkable roll in the July issue of Casino Player magazine.)

On Saturday and Sunday, 10 of the tournaments were held (the poker tournament was held on Friday morning) and four of those tournaments were won by women. Remember when women never played craps or table games? Here’s what made this amazing: women made up less than 10 percent of the people who played in the tournaments so their success was nothing short of remarkable.

The weekend was capped off with a giant banquet in the main banquet room and an awards ceremony. What follows are the World Casino Champions:


Frank Scoblete’s

World Casino Championships 2009

World Casino Grand Champion


World Craps Champion

Stephen B.

Poker Championship

  1. Jim B.
  2. "Not2Soon"

Slots Championship

  1. "Glue Factory’s Mommy"
  2. "Glue Factory"
  3. Kurt V.

Baccarat Championship

  1. "Misfit"
  2. Dave "Da Porker"
  3. Atanna

Pai Gow Championship

  1. "Tooter"
  2. "Slamming Sammy"
  3. "Brick"

Blackjack Championship

  1. Noah "ACPA"
  2. Tom H.
  3. "Timmer"

Mystery Championship

  1. "The Goddess"
  2. "Rusdy"
  3. Julio M.

Craps: Higher and Higher

  1. Stephen B.
  2. "Sandtrap"
  3. "Drag Boat Racer"

Craps: 6 & 8

  1. Sam W.
  2. "Mad Money"
  3. Stephen B.

Craps: No Craps Please

  1. "The Goddess"
  2. "Sandtrap"
  3. Atanna

Craps: The Darkside

  1. Robin A.
  2. "Dr. Crapology"
  3. "EMaloney"

Craps: 4 & 10

  1. "Section Eight"
  2. Stephen B.
  3. "EMaloney"

Team Championship

  1. The Dream Team ("Dice Pilot," "Not2Soon," "Misfit," "Mad Money," "EMaloney," "Timmer")
  2. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Rollers ("The Goddess," "Sandtrap," "The Raging Baritone," "Glue Factory," "Alligator Rose," "Dr. Crapology," "Red Bank Roller," Charles F., Phil S., Julio M., John C., Pat De 154)
  3. The Texas Tornados (Ray "Bricker," "Tooter," Jimmy "the Wrench," "Brothelman," Kurt V.)

The World’s "Worst" Champion

  1. "Rafter"

Special Award: The World Record Holder for Most Rolls in a Casino

  • Pat DeMauro, 154 numbers before sevening out

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