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Go to the Casino with an Advantage?

Maybe you have taken one of our Golden Touch Craps dice control seminars or maybe you read books and magazines to learn to play casino games properly, but do you have what it takes to be a truly savvy player? As a savvy player, you must not only know your game of choice but you must have fortitude and discipline. And please don’t forget that you need a bankroll that is strictly a gambling bankroll.

Most students and readers of gambling books and magazines will never be savvy players because they have the heart, soul and longings of a gambler. They rely on dumb luck to win and lose. Some will say that the gods weren’t with them that evening when they lost. Or they’ll say that the dealer was hot or the dice were cold. Have you ever said this? If you have you must change your attitude and begin today on creating a winning, not a losing, way.

A savvy player only plays when he or she has an advantage over the casino or when the casino edge is cut to its lowest. This advantage comes from knowledge of the game’s odds, the best possible bets and practicing the strategy of the game that keeps the house edge as low as it can go.

Take my test and see if you are a savvy player or just a gambler.

In craps do you bet the lowest house edge bets?
      A. Always
      B. Sometimes
      C. Seldom
      D. I always bet the hardways because I can make big money when they hit

Do you play by your gut feelings at blackjack?
      A. Never, I respect the math of the game and make the play that is called for
      B. Sometimes
      C. Seldom
      D. Always because my gut knows the score

Do you study as much as you can about your casino game of choice?
      A. Always
      B. Sometimes, I read an article
      C. Seldom
      D. Never, whenever I go to a casino, I sing, "Luck be a Lady Tonight"

Do you say to yourself you are going to just give it one more roll, shoe or pull of the handle, and then that one more turns into two more or three more?
      A. Never
      B. Sometimes
      C. Seldom
      D. All the time because my luck will change

Do you look for a video poker machine that has the best payouts?
      A. Always
      B. Sometimes
      C. Seldom
      D. I play the one closest to the aisle

Do you play the best video poker strategies?
      A. Always
      B. Never
      C. Seldom
      D. Video poker has strategies?

Do you have a separate bank account for your gaming entertainment?
      A. Yes, it took me awhile to save up the money, but I am glad I did
      B. Sometimes I use money that was meant for something else
      C. Seldom
      D. When ever I have a few dollars that is burning a whole in my pocket I go to the casino and hope for the best

Have you taken the time to learn a simple card counting system at blackjack such as the Speed Count?
      A. Yes
      B. I just look at the cards that are dealt
      C. I just flat bet
      D. Never, it is just too hard and really doesn’t matter anyway

Have you attempted to learn how to control the dice at craps?
      A. I am working every day on my controlled throw
      B. I want to have fun at the tables, not just win money
      C. You can control the dice?
      D. Is it fair to the casino to win their money?

Take my test and see if you are a savvy player or just a gambler.
“Because winning is the most fun!”

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This class was absolutely great and worth much more than what it cost. Playing the way I have played for the past few years has cost me 20 times what it cost me to take this class. The instructors were all excellent and the format was excellent. You had short lectures followed by intensive one-on-one instruction with your coach in what had just been taught. more

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