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Five ways to give yourself a better chance when playing slots!

Five ways to give yourself a better chance when playing slots!

With life changing big-wins being possible from just small stakes, playing slots can be a real buzz, and especially if the reels are spinning in your favour. As a classic casino game, the edge is, as you’d expect, with the house and there is nothing you can do to actually influence the combinations that will appear on each spin. But, what a lot of people won’t realise is that there are other important ways that you can manage yourself and your hard earned cash to give yourself a better chance of success during a playing session.

1) Find a good selection of games

Choose an online casino with a large selection of slots to choose from. The more the merrier is the rule here, and why not? You don’t want to be restricted to a very small range, it can be monotonous and a rule it’s good to spread your play around. After all, if a slot machine is not giving you the signs you are looking for with the combinations it is delivering then it’s probably time to move on to another, and this can happen several times in a session which is where having a large selection of different games to choose from comes in handy. With so many slots out there on the market it’s also nice to switch between different themes of game. From Marvel superheroes to a slot based on your favourite film or sport, they’re all out there and you may as well be playing somewhere which has the full range.

2) Know the slot you are playing!

A common mistake players make is to not acquaint themselves sufficiently with the slot game they have chosen before playing. There is bags of information to sift through for each game, including paytables and bonus game information, and whilst there are no secrets in there, it’s good to know the game’s RTP% (Return To Player), how you trigger the free spins or bonus feature, and how much each combination actually gives you if you’re lucky enough to land it on the reels. Over time you will also get to know which are your favoured games and things like knowing how lucrative the bonus feature can be and how frequently it allows you to access it also become crucial bits of information. If you’ve only got a small bank on a given day, for example, you probably want to play a game which allows you modest wins more frequently rather than one which only very rarely lets you into the bonus feature but usually delivers a big win when it does.

3) Bankroll management

Possibly the most important factor of all in terms of improving your chances of success, so perhaps it should be higher than number three... but we’ll leave it where it is. So what does bankroll management mean exactly? It sounds complicated, but it’s actually just a way of ensuring you have enough money to play for a sufficient number of spins before your bank runs out! For example, it’s no good playing £1 a spin if you only have a tenner to lose. In just ten spins the fact is that you are very unlikely to find that winning combination which will move your balance onto the next level. One hundred spins would be more like it, therefore giving the machine the chance to at least get close to its RTP%.

4) Know when to stop!

There are some days when things just don’t seem to be going your way at all. It’s important to recognise these occasions quickly and simply call it a day. Sometimes it’s absolutely the best decision to accept that the winning feeling has deserted you and to come back refreshed another time. As well as that there are times when you need to recognise that it’s simply not going to happen on a certain machine. Pack up your things and move to another. They don’t have feelings and nor should you. Remember that these games have no memory whatsoever so the fact that you’ve already put ‘quite a lot’ into that certain machine doesn’t mean it’s any closer to giving you a big win. Often, if a game starts to feel like it’s not working for you, moving on is the best thing you can do.

5) Look into a staking strategy

Whilst remembering the crucial factor of bankroll management, choosing a staking strategy that suits you can also be the difference between a good and bad session. This might mean always lowering your stake by 20% after twenty spins, or raising your stake for ten spins directly after a big win. There are dozens of different staking systems you can follow, but none are right or wrong. What works best for you is what’s important here. The right decisions you make on one day will be the wrong decisions on another day but sometimes it’s just important to have some structure to your play.

There are no foolproof guides to guaranteed wins, and anyone who tells you different is lying, but instead just some simple housekeeping rules that should at least be considered before settling down to spin.

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I am always interested in what other so called "experts" on craps have to say, but I look at what they say and do, and what I find is if I use the foundation of knowledge and experience I gained from Dom's books and the GTC classes they are all full or craps please excuse the pun.

There are dozens of these so call craps experts, but I only know one top expert AND teacher: Dom. An expert knows at least one way to do it right. An expert teacher knows how to do it right and breaks it all down and shows the students how to put it together to fit that student. That's what Dom and GTC did for me.

Sure, I'm an Annapolis grad and could figure out most of this, given time and lots of money, maybe. Experience might be the best teacher, but, good grief, it's a HARD teacher. Why did I go through all that pain and time, jumping from one craps writer to another? I did until I finally found one that could help me?

Give me a good teacher, any day. Dom and the GTC instructors are experts and great teachers. And, with them, it's fun. more

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