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    Golden Touch CRAPS

A short history of craps

Dice are among the oldest things people are still using today. Their history stretch back to before written history - they are most likely the descendants of the bones or stones used by ancient shamen to predict the future, which have slowly become a device to control our games and chances. Craps is also a game with a history of centuries, making it one of the oldest games available in real life and online casinos, offering high quality crap games to their players.

At the origins of Craps, the game we know and like today, we can find an English game called Hazard, played as early as in the 13th Century. It was a preferred game for soldiers and noblemen during the Crusades. During this time the game was influenced by French gamblers, getting a form similar to what we know today. The game that has later become the modern day craps was brought to America by a French-Creole nobleman, politician and playboy called Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville (what a name, huh?) through New Orlean, the portal where many other casino games have entered the New World. With a few modifications - like the introduction of the "Don't Pass" betting option to fix a flaw in the original game - it has become the craps version we know today.

Street craps - the variant of the game played with dice without a betting layout, in the streets - is said to have contributed a lot to the success of the game in real life casinos of the US. Craps has been played - and it still is - in the streets, as it doesn't need a complicated setup, only a handful of craps and some willing players. Street craps was a popular pastime for soldiers during World War II. Street craps is a basic form of the game, but it is believed to have given birth to a number of dice control techniques.

Casino Craps is played on a felt-covered table with a series of betting options printed on it, by betting against the casino. The table is usually surrounded by four dealers and up to eight players, with one handling the dice and the rest betting on or against the throws of the "shooter". Craps is a very popular game that can be much fun to play, both for the one with the craps in hand and for those surrounding the table. There are loads of betting options available in craps, which may seem complicated at first site, but once you join a table and observe the others playing it will have no secrets for you in a short time.

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