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Patricia DeMauro Breaks The Captainís World Record

by Frank Scoblete

On Saturday evening, May 23, at Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, Patricia DeMauro played craps for the second time in her life and rolled 154 numbers before sevening-out. This epic roll eclipsed the Captainís previous World Record of 147 numbers .

Ms. DeMauroís roll lasted four hours and 18 minutes and in terms of time also eclipsed Stanley Fujitakeís record length of three hours and six minutes (118 numbers rolled). Yes, Ms. DeMauro is now the new champ in terms of time and, more important, in terms of the total number of rolls before sevening out.

"The King is dead; all hail the new Queen!"

The Captain's roll lasted two hours and 18 minutes. So why the disparity in time between the Captainís roll and DeMauroís and Fujitakeís?

The disparity in time among the three rolls is easy to explain.

Fujitake and DeMauro were rolling on 14-foot tables, packed with players, most of them making the Hardways bets and other Crazy Crapper bets that took a lot of time to pay off. Those tables had at least 14 players on them. With only 12 players at the Captain's 12-foot table and with most of them eschewing the bad bets, the Captain was able to get in many more rolls in much less time.

All of us at Golden Touch Craps raise our glasses to Patricia DeMauro, the new World Record holder!

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